Gas Consumption - 0.50 Kg / hr
Electricity Consumption - 1 Unit / hr
Electric Connection - Single Phase
MCB - Standard L&T MCB (Shockproof)
Castor Wheel - Size 50mm, material PU & SS
All Parts - S.S.304
Power saver - In-built Inverter system
Burner - Material Brass
Gas Regulator - ISI mark Indane
Coil - Connected with inverter switch
Dimension - (L- 2'6" x H- 2'1" x W- 1'1")
Weight - 55kg ( Machine can be lifted by only 2 person)


  • Production Capacity - 120-150 no. per hr
  • Time Efficiency - One chapati takes only 30 second to prepare.
  • Reduced chapati cost - Only 0.30-0.40 paisa making cost per chapati.
  • Thickness Of Chapati - 1mm - 4mm
  • Size of Chapati - 3” to 7”
  • Elegant Design - Classy and compact in design
  • No Skilled labour - three simple ways to make perfect & soft chapati
  • Travel friendly - light in weight , easy to carry from one place to another
  • Space Saver - Can be placed easily in very less space
  • Profitable Business - Install Rotimation and make your own chapati house

Home made Oil Machine

Cold and Hot Oil Squeezing Machine

Technical Specifications:

Type - Cold and Hot Squeezing Machine
Voltage - 220 volt, Frequency - 50 Hz
Watts - 400 Watts
Weight - 16 Kg
Warranty - One Year
Power Consumption - 1 unit / 2 hours
Electric connection - Single Phase
Dimension - 38.5 x 33 x 16.2 (L x H x W in Cm)
Hopper Capacity - 1.0 to 2.0 Kg
Squeezing capacity of the machine is 3-4 kg/hour.


  • 100% Pure & Healthy Oil
  • Almost all kinds of seeds Can Be Extract
  • Cold and Hot squeezing, rich nutrition, pure and natural oil.
  • 100% Food Grade S.S. Material.
  • Squeezing Cake can be used for making sweet, Cattle feed etc.
  • Light Weight & Compact Model required very less Space.
  • Easy to use and Easy to Operate
  • Its very easy for Squeezing & Cleaning.
  • The Motor is designed in such a way that it can work.
  • Continuously for more than 5-6 hours.
  • Manufacturing under Experienced technician.

Pranami Domestic Flour Mill

Shree Krishna engineering co. was established in 1984 with an aim to serve the as Pranami Domestic Flour Mill as one of the leading manufacturer of flour mills.

  • Light weight & Compact Model required only 1 Sq.Ft.
  • In Case of overload auto power switch off automatically.
  • Problem will be solved in just few minutes after open by self.
  • No need to technician.
  • Quality Hammer stones has no need to groove till than 5-6 years.
  • Grains / Spices grinding capacity 8kg.Fine & 15 kg.Coarse / hr.
  • Easy Method to grind fine & Coarse.
  • Manufacturing under Experienced technician.
  • Unique Design & Used of imported bearings make noise less.
  • Computerized alignment of Electric motor & stones makes vibration less.

Dough Kneader Stand Mixer

Motor : 220v / 50hz
Power: 600W
Capacity : 4L (SS Bowl)
Housing: ABS Plastic color spray
Standard Accessories:
1. Mixing Bowl, 2. Dough Hook, 3. Mixing Blade, 4. Egg Whisk, 5. Bowl Lid
Size: 33cm x 21.5cm x 28cm
Net Weight : 5.15kgs.


  • Multifunctional, delicious life for everyone.
  • Healthy and noiseless.
  • Fashion trend,make your kitchen more beautiful.
  • Detachable Transparent bowl cover
  • Special robust gear mechanism
  • Planetary mixing action
  • 4.0 liter bowl made of stainless steel for max 1kg mixture
  • Special removable kneading hook with spray protection
  • 6 speeds control+pulse speed
  • Tilt-up head allows easy removal of bowl
  • Retrieving programming IC inside insure perfect performance.
  • Particularly easy to operate and clean

Noodle Pasta Making Machine

The most classic of the hand-operated pasta noodle machines. lt produces dough in various thicknesses (from 2 to 9 mm) . Fettuccine and Tagliolini can be obtained using the cutting rollers. Quality is guaranteed by the sturdy compact structure in top quality stainless steel by the nickel-plated steel rollers, by the hardened gears and by the continuous controls and improvements made.

  • Three set blades
  • Made of stainless steel 430
  • Adjustable steel roller for kneading
  • Six thickness settings
  • Removable sturdy handle and clamp for easy storage
  • Make flat noodles + 3 cutting blade for Spaghetti, Linguini, fettuccine style
  • Motor :220V/50Hz
  • Sheeter size :2-9mm(adjustable)
  • Weight:3.15kg
  • size:19.3cm x 13.5cm x 17cm